Marian Davidove – Sustainable Healthy Eating

Marian Davidove, R.D./N., M.A. is a Registered Dietitian specializing in food sustainability and food security.

“I have found the sweet spot between perfectly healthy and planet friendly. I help busy professionals and families who are passionate about their health, and will not compromise on the environment, to discover their ideal way of eating.”

Getting here was not an easy or straight path. As a dietitian I have worked in hospitals, clinics, universities, and private practice with patients and clients of all ages. Throughout this wonderful journey, I worked every day to deliver solutions until I realized it wasn’t possible if the system we ate in, was broken. That is when I decided to follow my passion, Sustainability, and become the change I wanted to see.  I earned my Master’s degree in Global Sustainability with a concentration in food sustainability and food security from the Patel College of Global Sustainability, a leading center of excellence in North America.

Join me in my mission for our planet and sustainable healthy eating!

As a sustainability expert and Registered Dietitian, I am committed to passing on my knowledge one person at a time.

“My practice stems from rising concern about population growth, climate change and the adequacy of our food systems. The health of the planet and the health of humanity depend on one another. We have the power and the ability to transform food systems one meal at a time. Anyone can do it, we all need to start now."