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Why is it that conventional diets don't work?

Common diets that you start and stop will never work, because they do not offer permanent and long-lasting solutions. They don’t get to the ‘root’ of an eating puzzle. Diet trends like the Ketogenic, Whole 30, Paleo, Gluten-free, or FAST 5:2 may offer some immediate results, but they are not realistic and require drastic measures. Suddenly jumping on these diet trends is stressful for the body and can lead to very dangerous nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. Some extreme dieters report feeling dizzy, tired, constipated, and nauseous. Equally, suddenly stopping these diet trends is also traumatic and usually ends up in complete reversion to previous habits.

Diets like WW do offer more lifestyle change and balanced eating, but promote ultra-processed foods in the form of frozen foods, bars, and shakes. What is the point of trying to get healthy, by having to spend more on convenience foods?

Traditional diets don’t work, because every human being is different in thousands of ways. Each and every one of you has a unique and novel reason for wanting to change the way you eat. You have a completely individual genetic make-up, culture, belief system, routine, childhood, geographical location, taste and flavor preference, schedule, family life, job… and the list goes on. The secret to successful transformation, is gradual change based on your health goals and REALISTIC lifestyle changes. Personalized nutrition IS the future. A Registered Dietitian is the most qualified professional to guide you through this process.

Why should Sustainability matter to me?

So you have personal health goals and want to change the way you eat, but why should you consider the affect your choices have on the environment? Don’t we have enough to think about when making decisions on what and how to eat? Plus, aren’t other people already doing enough?

The first answer is behavioral economics! There is strong scientific evidence that shows when people have more than one reason to start a new habit, they are more likely to succeed. For example, you want to start eating carrots. Simply eating a carrot because it is good for you is not as attractive as eating that carrot because it tastes great and you want to stick it in the yummy dip. Add up the reasons to try something new, and you build in a better chance of success.

The second answer is SOCIAL CHANGElogic provides that additional angle to consider. You are more likely to adopt a new behavior when you have a reason that is LARGER than you. You are more likely to eat the carrot, if you want to teach your kids good eating habits. OR, if you KNOW that this carrot grew in the communal garden down the street.  Steve planted it lovingly, and harvested it by hand at peek freshness. Maybe, some of the proceeds are going back to a neighborhood school? You are more likely to decide to eat the carrot if you are aware when it goes bad and you throw it in the trash… it will rot, generate greenhouse gases, contribute to climate change. Perhaps, someone out there is really hungry and would love to eat this carrot? Understanding how what you eat affects the world around you is more motivating than how it ONLY affects you.

Increase the likelihood to adopt a new behavior by learning about what is a sustainable diet and how it can help the world around you. This will be more powerful than any one reason alone, like wanting to lose weight. 

Why should I sign up for a 12 week program? I just need a meal plan and maybe an hour of one-one-one time?

The Simple Sustainable Diet Signature Program is an individual 12 week coaching experience designed to get results that LAST. Think of all the time and money you have already invested in unused APPs, gyms, diet books, weird foods, and meals you did not enjoy. This is valuable time we can spend together without a second wasted. A one hour session and one meal plan is just a Band-Aid solution without lasting results.My goal is to teach you enough in 12 weeks, so you can become your own nutrition EXPERT! Now it’s your time.

Check out the 12 Week Simple Sustainable Diet Signature Program

In our time together, you will discover and break through major barriers. We will then build in routines for success. Take into account, it takes at least 3 weeks to form a new habit. The best way to drop a bad habit is to replace it with a new good habit! Throughout this journey together, I will provide the specific steps, structure, and assistance you need for real progress toward your health goals. We will get to know one another, build trust, and execute with 100% confidence that your health is improving. Being able to sustain a new way of eating over time will bring you the greatest health benefits. VOLUME is the factor that adds up over time to create quality of life. With time, small changes can make a big difference.

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