Signature Service

Simple Sustainable Diet: How to eat super healthy and planet friendly

Signature Service

Say goodbye to traditional dieting! This is a 12 week individualized coaching experience on the Simple Sustainable Diet, which is an Anti-Diet approach to being super healthy and planet friendly. This program builds on the E-book which introduces the 5 Easy Habits of Sustainable Eaters, and brings it home to busy professional individuals and families. The Simple Sustainable Diet motivates and inspires change by realizing that people are part of the food system and environment. So the change begins…

This is a 1-1  coaching journey with me, your Registered Dietitian and Sustainability expert. Achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body on a healthy planet. 

Inside the course: The Sustainable Healthy Eating Modules

Week 1- Introduction

  • Full nutrition assessment – the start point
  • Goal setting – the big picture
  • Introducing tools for success – your unique roadmap
  • Your Journal

Week 2- Knowledge Building

  • Introducing basic nutrition principles applied to you
  • The Food Groups and your health
  • What is a sustainable diet
  • Journal review

Week 3- Awareness Building

  • Identifying barriers
  • Introducing mindfulness
  • The importance of Joy
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Journal review

Week 4- Skills Building

  • Building desirable habits
  • Shopping trip and Label reading
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Food Waste Prevention
  • Apps to save time and make your life easier
  • Journal review

Week 5- Physical Activity

  • Find a safe and effective workout that fits into your schedule
  • Get moving as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Your daily routine and things-to-do
  • Journal review

Week 6- Micronutrient Adjustment

  • The important vitamins and minerals
  • Meeting your unique needs
  • Supplement review and recommendation
  • Journal Review

Week 7- Your Microbiome and Your Health

  • Introduction to Gut Health
  • Pre and Probiotics
  • Fermented foods and functional foods
  • Journal review

Week 8- Building Your Immune System

  • Your best immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Coping with food Allergies and intolerances
  • Journal review

Week 9- Eating out, meal kits, and convenience foods

  • Your favorite menus deconstructed
  • Strategies for having a great meal out without losing track of the end goal
  • How to use meal and food delivery kits
  • Journal review

Week 10- Meal Planning

  • Build a Sustainable Pantry
  • Taking inventory
  • Finding favorite recipes and adapting recipes
  • Making a shopping list
  • Cooking ahead and shortcuts to quick and joyous meals
  • And if none of this sounds fun to you–Helpful Apps
  • Journal Review

Week 11- What’s Cooking and Reduce Food Waste

  • Depending on skill level this can be from Zero to Hero
  • What’s not cooking- a raw diet prepared
  • How to minimize weekday cooking, cooking for a family, cooking for one…. This week is all about your individual needs. Even no-cooking can be tackled
  • Food Waste Reduction revisit
  • Journal Review

Week 12- Sustainable Healthy Eating Graduation

  • Highs and Lows
  • Goals and progress
  • Community
  • Staying on track and relapse prevention

Your Cost for this bespoke signature 12 week program is $1800.00. All sessions will be an hour long,  on-line and virtual. Along the way, you will receive valuable resources and referrals. Get the results that LAST! This is the Simple Sustainable Diet of course!